Baked feta pasta

“Baked feta pasta! Have you already tried this viral hit pasta? I have. Just this morning when I invented it”. With these words I started of the original blog post 1,5 years ago – with a twinkle in my eye. The funny thing is that #uunifetapasta actually turned into a viral hit in Finland and everybody was cooking it. By everybody I mean EVERYBODY! The feta cheese sales went up 300 % here, the shops were running out of baked feta pasta ingredients and by this date the original uunifetapasta recipe post has over 2.7 million views. Finland has 5.5 million inhabitants, to put things into perspective.

Baked feta pasta blog

Baked feta pasta world domination

I have a lot of finnish followers also abroad and my instagram feed @liemessa was floded with baked feta pasta photos from Hawaii to Australia. The baked feta pasta recipe was in finnish, so it wasn’t really available for a boarder audience. Until american blogger and chef @grilledcheesesocial heard of the baked feta pasta from a friend, who’s boyfriend is a finnish chef and translated the recipe. Now the baked feta pasta is going viral across the pond in the States. #uunifetapasta world domination is a joke no more! 😀

Baked feta tomato pasta

Your new weeknight favourite

So here’s the original baked feta pasta recipe in english! I had another busy day working from home and had to come up with a quick lunch. I love baked feta and thought why not turn it into a pasta sauce! Oven baked feta, way too much olive oil, burning hot chili and soft bursting cherry tomatoes. In the oven they turned into an amazing pasta sauce by itself. Just add fresh basil leaves and italian durum wheat pasta. Nowdays I throw couple of garlic cloves in the baking dish too. Baked feta pasta must have saved hundreds of thousands weeknight meal wonderings – and still does. It’s one of those dishes that you notice cooking weekly once you do it once. There’s no going back – I’ve warned you! 🙂

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Baked feta pasta food blog

Baked feta pasta

Original #uunifetapasta recipe translated into english

for 4 persons

1 lb / 450 g italian durum wheat pasta
1 block (7 oz / 200 g) greek feta cheese
1/2 cup olive oil
1/2 red chili pepper
500 g cherry tomatoes
(4 garlic cloves if you wish)
black pepper
bunch of fresh basil leaves

Pour some olive on the bottom of the baking dish. Place the whole feta block on top. Chop the red chili pepper and add on top of feta cheese. Pour more olive oil on top. Place the cherry tomatoes on the sides and roll around in oil. Grind some pepper and season with pinch of salt.

Bake in 400 F / 200 C for 15 minutes in the middle rack. Turn the heat to 440 F / 225 C, move the dish to the upper rack and use the grilling mode for another 10 minutes. Caution! This might cause the fire alarm to go off, mine does that every time 😀

Cook the pasta al dente according to cooking instructions. If you used cherry tomatoes with stems, remove them. The stems are there merely for the instagrammable look, so plein cherry tomatoes will do fine.

Break the feta a bit and mix with tomatoes. Mix the sauce with pasta and add plenty of basil leaves.

Tip!  Garlic goes well with baked feta pasta. To add garlic cut four garlic cloves in half lenghtwise, toss them in same time as the tomatoes and roll in olive oil.

baked feta pasta recipe

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